Feature-rich terminal pager

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ov provides more convenient functions by separating text, not just the pager function to display at terminal size. It is particularly suitable for displaying table-formatted text.

  • Can open large files quickly.
  • Supports fixed header line display (both wrapped and unwrapped).
  • Supports column mode that recognizes columns by delimiter.
  • In column mode, there is a column rainbow mode that colors each column.
  • Supports fixed-width columns instead of delimiters.
  • Supports section division by delimiter, and movement by section.
  • Supports header lines of sections, and the header line can be multiple lines.
  • Can dynamically switch between wrapping and not wrapping.
  • Supports alternate row styling.
  • Shortcut keys are customizable.
  • Decorative styles are customizable.
  • Supports follow mode (like tail -f).
  • Supports follow mode by file name (like tail -F).
  • Supports follow section that is displayed when the section is updated.
  • Supports following multiple files and switching when updated (follow-all).
  • Supports execution of commands that display stdout and stderr separately (exec).
  • Supports watch mode that periodically reads files.
  • Supports watch in exec mode (equivalent to watch command).
  • Supports incremental search and regular expression search.
  • Supports filter search to display only matched lines (or non-matching lines).
  • Supports multi-color that highlights multiple words individually.
  • Better support for Unicode and East Asian widths.
  • Supports compressed files (gzip, bzip2, zstd, lz4, xz).

Use case


PostgreSQL client tool psql with ov


Use ov as a pager for git


ov can also be used as a pager for delta.


Use 'ov' as a pager for mysql


Use 'ov' as a pager for pgcli


Use 'ov' as a pager for mycli


Use 'ov' as a pager for ps


Use 'ov' as a pager for man pages


Use 'ov' as a pager for top


Use 'ov' as a pager for procs


ov can also be used as a pager for bat.

Watch files with ov

File monitoring (watch) with ov

view csv

ov can also be used as a csv viewer.

View markdown

ov can also be used as a markdown viewer.

multiple files

Display multiple files

Multicolor highlights multiple words

ov can highlight multiple words in multiple colors.

speed of opening large files

speed of opening large files

execute command

ov can execute commands and display the output.

How to use follow mode

How to use follow mode of ov

filter search

How to filter search results

How to use section

How to use section of ov

Memory management

Memory management of ov